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The Bosman Twins

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The Bosman Twins - from artlcile 06/14/2009 by Doug Moore

As Dwight Bosman puts it, he and his brother Dwayne have been gigging since they were 14. Their love of music specifically the jazz they have been playing for more than 40 years came from their father, the late Lloyd Smith, a former sideman with Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

In the 1960s, St. Louis and East St. Louis were filled with jazz clubs. The Bosman brothers would take in as many performances as they could, often sitting in for a session or two.

Dwayne cut his teeth on the flute, Dwight the clarinet. But they are both best known as saxophone players.

After graduating from Florida A&M University, they landed a long-term gig at Busch Gardens in Tampa, with a group called The Desert Suns.

By 1981, they were back in St. Louis with their own group. Their engagement at the Moose Lounge lasted more than 15 years. They have toured extensively, including a European trip with Fontella Bass of "Rescue Me" fame. But just as important for the twins is their work in youth music education. Dwight is band director at Central Visual Performing Arts School, and the brothers helped develop the Symphony Music School at the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club.

Their sound is jazz but rooted in blues and gospel.

"We dont think of ourselves as just musicians. Were jazz artists. We paint a portrait each time," Dwight says. "We do different styles of music, and our influences transcend through the music. But there is a fine line between satisfying the audience and ourselves."

At 56, the Bosmans play mainly private functions now. They are turning their attention to writing and recording. "To have a legacy, recording is the way to do that," Dwight said.

Who inspires the Bosmans? Like all performers, the gratification of a standing ovation inspires the brothers to reach deeper, try harder, practice longer. For the Bosmans, hearing that a student they worked with has received a university scholarship or gotten an impressive gig is satisfying. But its their father who continues to serve as their biggest inspiration.

"Role models start at home," Dwight said.

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